Is Anderson Crying Again?

By Brian 

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Jon Stewart cracked a couple jokes about Anderson Cooper on Larry King Live last night. (The last time Stewart showed up on CNN, didn’t he kill Crossfire?) Here’s the transcript:

 KING: Let’s check in with Anderson Cooper at the top of the hour.

STEWART: Is he crying again? Did something happen?

KING: He’ll host AC 360. Jon wants to know if you’re crying, Anderson.

COOPER: No but I expect to be on the night of the Academy Awards when I hear some of his jokes. I’ll be here all week, try the veal.

STEWART: What’s going on with them trailers — did they move out the trailers yet?

COOPER: No, they’re still in Arkansas, I’ll have you know. We’re in St. Bernard parish where there are tens of thousands of people who would very much like to have some trailers…