Iraqi Elections: “Fox Is Exuberant…”

By Brian 

Light Seeking Light has been blogging up a storm, covering cable coverage of the elections. Highlights:

> 12:55am: “Scarborough is doing a good job as anchor.”

> 1am: Geraldo is waxing enthusiastic…He says it feels like the early days of the civil rights movement. Geraldo is about to burst…”

> 1:53am: “CNN is definitely trying to put the worst possible spin on things, even when the pictures on the screen show otherwise. They harp on and on about violence while the screen shows happy Iraqis singing and dancing. Geraldo’s the other side. He admits the violence but again and again returns to the upbeat mood of the people he covers. MSNBC seems to be trying to split the middle…”

> 2:11am: “MSNBC is getting optimistic, FOX is exuberant, CNN is still wary, though.”