Insurgent Tape: “CNN Has Done Us All A Service,” Ex-CNNer Carlson Says

By Brian 

On Monday’s Beat the Press, CNNer turned MSNBCer Tucker Carlson defended his former network:

“Republicans suspect that there are people that work at CNN, particularly in its foreign operations, who don’t like the United States, and I am telling you they are absolutely right. I have met them.

On the other hand, let’s take a deep breath and look at the video in question. Anybody — any American anyway — who watches this video comes away with one thought. This is repulsive. As you hear a man yell ‘God is great’ as he murders an American it makes you less sympathetic to the insurgency, not more sympathetic.

So yes, this is an enemy propaganda film, and CNN says as much in introducing it. But it’s an enemy propaganda film that does not work in this country. It makes you hate the insurgency.

So while I understand the reflexive reaction for conservatives to CNN, which is a pretty liberal network, in this case they are misguided. CNN has done us all a service. CNN has spent a lot of money covering this war in Iraq, unlike a lot of other people. Good for CNN. In this case, CNN is right.”