Injured Cameraman Receives Navy’s Second Highest Honor

By SteveK 

In early August 2008, Ollie North reported for FNC about his cameraman, Chris Jackson, who was injured in an IED explosion in Afghanistan. Although his leg was injured, he went back into the flames and rescued a wounded Marine.

Today the Multi-National Corps in Iraq released news that Jackson had been honored with a Department of the Navy Distinguished Public Service Award, the second highest award given to civilians by the Navy, for his actions.

In the release, Sgt. Courtney Rauch, who was the Marine he saved, said, “Without Chris’ quick thinking and heroic act, I would have lost my life that day. Chris forgot about being a reporter that day and became one of our brothers and acted as one of us. Chris went above and beyond his duty.”

Jackson now works for CNN. He was presented the award in Iraq, on his way to India.

(photo by Staff Sgt. Joy Pariante)