‘In The Footsteps:’ Some Reviews

By Brian 

A few e-mails about ‘In The Footsteps of bin Laden:’

> “The documentary had no editorial bias and was hardly a recruiting poster for Osama. It was a traditional styled narrative. The program was an ambitious effort that took the viewer deep into the Arab world. It left me with the clear message that bin Laden was very good at killing people.”

> “I though ‘In the Footsteps of bin Laden’ was good, but the promos were disturbing. (All of yesterday afternoon, TNT ran the suspenseful ‘Know your Enemy’ ads, and once I went to CNN.com and encountered a large flash ad cropped in on bin Laden’s eyes that slowly zoomed out.) The man is scary enough without a marketing team trying to instill more fear in me, too!”

> “More interesting than what people thought about it is that, as in his book ‘Jawbreaker,’ former CIA officer Gary Berntsen is quoted on camera as saying bin Laden was indeed at the battle of Tora Bora, which directly contradicts what Bush and Tommy Franks claimed during the ’04 campaign. Will the mainstream media report on the contradiction? Or, as I expect (cynic that I am), let it slide?”

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