In Profile: Tausche, Glor, Rather

By A.J. Katz 

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CNBC Washington correspondent Kayla Tausche received the Forbes profile treatment. She was asked was about her typical DC workday: “The only consistency between workdays is that I’m plugged in from start to finish. I wake up reading emails, scanning Twitter and pinging sources and go to sleep doing the same. In between, there are meetings, briefings and the potential for dozens of liveshots from any number of locations around town.”

CBS Evening News anchor Jeff Glor graces the cover of the March-April 2018 issue of Watch! magazine. Among other things, Glor talks about the importance of covering international news: “I believe that it’s very important to stay on and to talk about a lot. This is where CBS News was in large part born—out of World War II and the coverage of what happened there. So paying attention to that is a critical part of this job. Our responsibilities and our reporting stretch beyond borders, and they should.”

Columbia Journalism Review profiled legendary newsman Dan Rather earlier this month about his career, and his transformation into one of social media’s most popular and outspoken TV newsers. He has become especially popular among younger news consumers, some of whom don’t even recall the 86-year-old journalist from his CBS Evening News days: “What Facebook allows me to do is express myself with commentary that I couldn’t do at the network,” Rather says. “Facebook allows me to be myself. I answer to no one but myself.”