In Profile: Reid, Faulkner, Claman

By A.J. Katz 

MSNBC host Joy Reid gets the New York Times profile treatment, emerging as “the heroine of the resistance to his (Trump’s) leadership.” The Saturday edition of AM Joy has been averaging nearly 1 million viewers, and has been beating CNN in total viewers over the last four months. “Our prime directive is to constantly remind people that this is not normal and not to allow it to become mundane,” Reid told the Times, referring to the Trump presidency. “Each week she makes sure to discuss the investigation into Russian meddling in the 2016 election. “We feel like one of our duties is to keep that story top of mind because it’s fundamentally about whether we truly choose our own leaders.”

Fox News anchor Harris Faulkner tells B&C she thinks she has a prime time special in her, and talks race and diversity in TV news: “Honestly I want to have these [inclusion] conversations all the time, not just in February. One day we’ll have conversations about opportunity that really are based purely on the differences that we can bring to the table. When I meet young journalists of color — Hispanic, Asian, LGBT whomever; it doesn’t have to be my mirror image — anybody who needs that extra layer of voice, I use my voice to lift them to that place of rarefied air. I remind them of what I know to be true: jump and the net shall appear.”

FBN Countdown to the Closing Bell anchor Liz Claman writes about the wild week in the stock market for LinkedIn: “I watched throughout the day (Monday) as the Dow looked like it was doing its best impression of a 15-year-old learning to drive.”

She writes about doing her show from the NYSE the following day, and a last-second trip to The Daily Show With Trevor Noah. “The first thing I always do is take the proverbial temperature of the traders. I walk around to my regular guys and ask them what they’re seeing, what clients are doing, what they’re feeling…When I walked onto the Daily Show set two and a half hours later, I tried to remain calm but as wild as things were on the set, they were just as frenetic as the NYSE floor.”