In Profile: Jones, Palmer, Patterson

By A.J. Katz 

  • Fox Business chief Brian Jones chatted with Broadcasting & Cable about his network’s ratings growth. Jones cites on-air talent Maria Bartiromo, Lou Dobbs and Neil Cavuto when speaking about the network’s success in recent years. “When you have a lineup like that, viewers are going to come,” Jones said.
  • CBS News correspondent Elizabeth Palmer spoke to Columbia Journalism Review about the challenges reporting from combat zones, and advocating for future journalists. “I always try to help young women and encourage them to believe they can do anything. Oddly enough, I’ve always believed this business is pretty gender neutral. Once you get in with both feet, and if you really have the right blend of curiosity and courage, all doors open irrespective of gender.”
  • Best-selling author James Patterson talks with the AP about his new true-crime book, and a companion 48 Hours special, airing tonight on CBS, on the case of Aaron Hernandez. “I don’t usually do nonfiction, but I was compelled to do this story. You can’t take your eyes off this guy because of all his gifts: his good looks, the smile, the beautiful fiancee, the baby girl, the $40 million NFL contract.”