In Profile: Jane Pauley, Chris Cuomo, Dateline NBC

By A.J. Katz 

The Los Angeles Times profiles CBS Sunday Morning host Jane Pauley beginning with her time at the Today show: “Pauley became an unwitting poster girl for ‘having it all’ — the working mother with the lucrative career, handsome husband and healthy, happy children — an image of perfection she consciously pushed back against. For a time, she kept a story on her refrigerator about a woman who said she coped with working motherhood by not reading articles about Jane Pauley.”

The Hollywood Reporter writes about Chris Cuomo: move to prime time: “‘I like him, I respect him, he’s never been dishonest to me,’ said American Conservative Union chairman Matt Schlapp, who has appeared on Cuomo’s show for two years. ‘He doesn’t check his passion, and if his passion is ignited, he lets it go. And, I think that’s good TV, and there’s nothing wrong with it, and I’ve never felt it was unfair.'”

BuzzFeed interviewed Dateline correspondents Keith Morrison, Josh Mankiewicz, Dennis Murphy and Andrea Canning at the recent CrimeCon event: “Nothing on Dateline has scared me the way being on a battlefield did. I feared for my safety much more covering Central America and the Mideast than I do at Dateline,” said Mankiewicz about his reporting days before Dateline. “We interview a lot of killers, but first of all, they’re almost always shackled. And second, they’re on their best behavior.”