In Profile: Fox News Edition

By A.J. Katz 

Fox News @ Night anchor Shannon Bream is profiled in the Health section of the Washingtonian: “When I’m working out and eating healthily, it’s easier to manage the stresses and schedule demands that are a reality in media. If I can go out for a run, it clears my head and lessens my anxiety. When I’m constantly traveling, sleeping when I can, and eating on the road, I don’t feel my best. Routine is important to me and keeps me mentally and physically healthy. I try to stay disciplined about that on the road and have much more energy when I do. It helps to have my husband as a workout partner. He’s a lifelong athlete, and he’s rubbed off on me. Though I’m missing the natural athletic talent part!”

Kansas City Chiefs fan (and Outnumbered Overtime host) Harris Faulkner talks to USA Today’s Chiefs Blog, Chiefs Wire. Faulkner worked at WDAF (the Fox affiliate in Kansas City) years ago:  “[Former Chiefs kicker] Nick Lowery is a very good friend. He’s somebody who as I got married and became a mom, I’d check in with because I loved his perspective on staying cool in the hottest of moments. Being an NFL kicker — that’s a lot of pressure. Being at the network level of television, there have been times where I’ve leaned on my buddy and said, ‘We’re at a crisis point with this.’ And he’s like, ‘Just remember, you’re in that spot for a reason. Keep it cool.’”

The Story anchor/managing editor Martha MacCallum talks to the Boston Globe about traveling. MacCallum’s primary residence is New Jersey, but she has a second home in Chatham, Mass.


Favorite food or drink while vacationing?

Lobster rolls and blonde Cape Cod Ale.

Favorite childhood travel memory?

Harding Beach in Harwich Port, swimming with my mom and my grandfathers.

Best travel tip?

Don’t overpack. It took me years to learn how to pack, but now I’m really good at it. I consider it a win if I have one outfit left to fly home in. Also, organize it so you don’t need more than three pairs of shoes, including the ones on your feet – four at the most for a longer trip.