In Profile, Fox Edition: Smith, Colby, Kelly

By Brian Flood Comment

Fox Business Network’s Sandra Smith was featured in Outdoor Life magazine to discuss her hunting background, her dog and living in Manhattan.

For me, my love of nature, land, and conservationism all started as a kid. I would even get bird watching books as birthday presents. Then, one of my first dates with my now-husband, he took me skeet shooting. It was just a natural progression for me to begin hunting. He taught me the circle of life, and exposed me to beautiful land and beautiful hunting dogs. It was the most amazing experience.

“Strange Inheritance” host Jamie Colby discussed how a comic book collection saved a family after Hurricane Sandy wrecked their landmark ice cream parlor to the Asbury Park Press.

Definitely the condition of these comic books (surprised me), given how much was lost by this family when the storm hit. The fact that it sat in the attic, that there were so many valuable comics and that the family needed the funds so desperately was most compelling. I’m not sure some divine intervention wasn’t at play.

“The Insider” featured Fox News Channel host Megyn Kelly in a sweeps week segment. Kelly talked to the show about balancing being a mom with work, making good choices in life and her idol… Judge Judy. Check out the interview below.