In Profile: FNC Republican Debate Edition

By Brian Flood 

Bret Baier, Chris Wallace and Megyn Kelly spoke to Politico about preparing to co-moderate tomorrow’s Republican debate. Wallace says “there are no wallflowers in the group.”

The reason all three of us were chosen is that we’re three of the toughest, hardest hitting interviewers in the business.

Kelly talked about the advice that Fox News chairman and CEO Roger Ailes gave her:

He says, ‘The only way you can disappoint me is if you try to hit a home run instead of a single.’ My goal is to hit a single.

Baier was asked if any candidate would receive special treatment:

We’re going to treat every candidate the same. Everybody is going to know all the rules going in; there is going to be a sound at the end of their time — it won’t be a pleasant sound. Are we thinking about different scenarios? Sure. Our job is to make sure everybody plays by the rules.

Kelly was also featured on the cover of the Life section of USA Today. Kelly discussed Donald Trump and being fired up for the big debate.

Trump is going to be front and center. Good or bad, he’s fascinating. He’s going to drive huge eyeballs to the debate. He’s a true celebrity. He commands an audience, for whatever reason. He’s interesting. He just is.

Is she nervous?

It’s adrenaline. It’s excitement about the unknown. You want to be respectful toward the candidates and the process. You have to give it your all. You have to go in there prepared to really bring it. It’s an interesting, very charged process.

After a decade at CNN, Bill Hemmer celebrates his 10-year anniversary at Fox news Channel as he prepares to co-moderate tomorrow’s 5 p.m. ET GOP forum. Hemmer discussed his current employer with The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Look at our ratings and look at everyone else. I  look at the attitude inside Fox News and everybody else. There is something special inside this building. We have an attitude of optimism and can do.