In Profile: Farrow, Ruhle, Reagan, Claman

By Brian Flood 

MSNBC’s Ronan Farrow is featured in Variety, and the piece quickly points out that Farrow landed some exclusive interviews in Paris following the Charlie Hebdo attacks.

“I worked every angle and every connection that I had and ever worked with in government, and knew through random online connections.”

Stephanie Ruhle wears many hats for Bloomberg, as the anchor and managing editor of “Market Makers” on BloombergTV and editor-at-large for Bloomberg News. She is featured in Le Curate and offers a first-hand look inside her Tribeca duplex, discusses her favorite sneakers and reveals her favorite interview.

“I hosted a prime-time special on Bloomberg TV in early January called “Haiti: Open for Business?” It featured many individuals championing Haiti, which is so desperate for help. Being down there and speaking with the people who are trying to turn the country around was an experience I won’t forget.”

CNBC retail reporter Courtney Reagan was featured in Dayton Magazine, where she discusses her Ohio roots and living in New York City.

“I love the Midwest and coming home to Dayton. It frustrates me that people don’t really know what Ohio is like.”

Fox Business Network anchor Liz Claman acted as Town & Country’s World Economic Forum corespondent, discussing everything that happened in Davos.

“Close to 50 prime ministers and presidents are here along with 1,300 CEOs and 500 members of the international media, all seemingly happy to meet, strike deals and pick each other’s brains on how to navigate the rocky financial landscape.”