In Profile: Doocys, Baldwin, Bolton

By Brian Flood 

Fox News Channel’s father/son duo Steve & Peter Doocy were profiled in Bergen Health & Life. Peter discuss how growing up with journalists helped shape his career.

As a young reporter, the best thing you can do is ask someone who has been there. My mom and dad have both been there.

Meanwhile, Steve discusses his reaction when his son landed an interview with the Navy SEAL who killed Osama Bin Laden:

As a journalist I was jealous. He got the exclusive! But as a parent I thought, ‘The man who is interviewing that American hero is the guy who used to live upstairs.’ I was very proud of Peter.

CNN’s Brooke Baldwin is featured in Variety, where she discusses the network’s open newsroom, being mocked on “Saturday Night Live” and how her move to NYC has positively impacted CNN.

There’s a genuineness that I hope I offer to viewers. People who come and sit on the set where we are surrounded by lights and cameras, where they are nervous, when we are done they say to me they forgot we were on TV.

Fox Business Network’s Deirdre Bolton is featured in Small Biz Daily, where she gives her Top 5 ways to perfect your elevator pitch.

 Write and memorize the two or three elements of what you want to cover in your 30 seconds. You may want to change your pitch around a bit [after you’ve done it a few times]. We tell people who are pitching on ‘Risk & Reward’ to be flexible until after they’ve talked to the producers. It’s easier if you don’t memorize the speech as one big block.