In Profile: Dean, Colby, Williams

By Brian Flood 

Fox News Channel’s Janice Dean is featured on the New York Time’s Motherlode blog, where she discusses balancing her busy life as both a senior meteorologist and a mom.

“My day really depends on the weather, and how big that story is. If there’s a major storm barreling up the East Coast, I’m on twice an hour with Fox and Fox Business Channel, along with doing reports for Fox News Radio. A lot of people think I read a teleprompter. But it’s not scripted. I have a producer, Brandon [Noriega], who helps with creating my maps but I do all my own research. But even while I’m working on research I have to be camera ready. One tornado warning in a big city, or if we get live flash flooding pictures into our news desk, they’ll call me to get on air ASAP.”

Fox Business Network’s Jamie Colby was featured in the Houston Chronicle, where she discussed who inherited Bonnie and Clyde’s gun. Colby also answered questions on Facebook last weekend.

“Earl Davis lives in Waco and is a successful businessman in the printing business. When his father passed away, he and his Mom inherited an immense collection of historic artifacts in trust including two of the cache of guns Bonnie and Clyde had on them in the infamous death car when they were themselves gunned down.”

“NBC Nightly News” anchor Brian Williams recently gave a tour of his office at 30 Rock to our parent company, Adweek. Williams shows off his awards, fire helmets, autograph collection and even a leftover “SNL” prop.

“When you’re dealing with a landmark building constructed during the Depression era, office space is precious. It’s not large, but it’s the perfect bunker-like respite. The one thing I cannot escape in there is the clock: Every second from about 4:30 to 6:30 I can feel in my chest. It’s deadline pressure. As we like to say, ‘NBC Nightly News’ doesn’t air each night because it’s ready—it airs because it’s time to do it.”