In Profile: Cordes, Kelly, Jones

By Chris Ariens 

CBS News correspondent Nancy Cordes talks with Politico Playbook about her early days in TV news: “I did an internship at the Today show the summer after my sophomore year of college, and from then on I was hooked. I came back to school in the fall and started anchoring at our college TV station. If anybody ever gets their hands on those Beta tapes, I’m ruined.”

NBC News host Megyn Kelly talks with the Chicago Tribune about her years spent in the Windy City as a young lawyer, with a fast-forward to the recent past: “It is true that the past couple of years have not been fun for me professionally. I mean, they’ve been challenging and they’ve been a growth opportunity, but they were not fun. It’s not reasonable to expect in any profession you’re going to have a dandy time every day and every month. But when it’s systemic and it goes on and on and on and on, you do have to do an honest re-evaluation.”

Fox Business president Brian Jones talks with Multichannel News about the challenges ahead for FBN: “Our next challenge, and it’s always been a challenge, is reaching younger viewers. I’ve got kids in their 20s, and they don’t watch business news. They don’t yet understand the importance of this. So it’s getting this information in the younger people’s hands so that they understand when they start getting married and buy houses and buy cars and start planning for their futures that there’s a home for them to go to get information to make those decisions.”