In Profile: Cavuto, Faulkner, Women Meteorologists

By Brian Flood 

Variety featured Fox’s Neil Cavuto, who has a personal stake in the promotion of MS Awareness. Cavuto was diagnosed with the disease in 1997 and now anchors several events to bring awareness during March, which is MS Awareness Month.

I had to show people that in my down or shaky moments — my son calls them my ‘wiggly leg’ moments — they know it and see it, but I try to show them, whether I’m on air all night for midterm election coverage or conventions, that I can deal with this.

FNC’s Harris Faulkner was also featured in Variety, where she is described as “an almost ubiquitous presence” and praised by FNC president Roger Ailes.

When you see me up on a breaking-news story, it is not good news. I’m not about to give you the secret to my mom’s sweet potato pie. I am tasked with being that voice of calm and reason and disseminating the facts as we understand and know them.

Prominent women meteorologists got together for a Google Hangout, which featured Ginger Zee of “GMA,” Maria LaRosa of The Weather Channel and many more of the industry’s top ladies. Check it out below: