In Profile: Brooke Baldwin, Jesse Watters, Tim Carry

By Brian Flood 

CNN’s Brooke Baldwin is featured in Marie Claire, where she discusses anchoring breaking coverage of mass shooting and why hearing her producer utter, “there’s been a shooting” has become too familiar.

We’ve done it enough that I know how to proceed when I hear those dreaded words from the executive producer in my ear. Every time, I get angry. I have to be calm and strong and be a journalist, but every time it really pisses me off.

Fox News Channel’s Jesse Watters is featured on, where he talks about growing up in Philadelphia, breaking into television and if his family was conservative.


My parents are both very liberal people, which is funny. So I was the Alex P. Keaton of the household, which is amusing around the dinner table around holidays.

Fox News and Fox Biz evp of distribution Tim Carry spoke with B&C about the power of live events.

A lot of people think the sky is falling as far as linear television goes but there are still things that people are going to need and value on a live basis. You need some live content in any OTT package. You still need to deliver what people want to watch. Fox News is what people want to watch and they want to watch it live.