In MSNBC Debut, Greta Van Susteren Says She’s Back on TV Because of ‘Unfinished Business’

By Chris Ariens 

“Yes I’m back,” said Greta Van Susteren on her new MSNBC show For The Record.

“Why? Several reasons. But in part unfinished business,” she said, listing several stories she’s covered for years, that are still unresolved. Like the case of the kidnapped girls in Nigeria and that of American Robert Levinson missing in Iran since 2007. “Returning to news gives me opportunity to play a small part in trying to help,” she said.

Among her first show’s guests were beltway insiders from both sides of the aisle, including “fellow cheesehead” Reince Priebus, who will be Pres. Trump’s chief of staff, and Valerie Jarrett who is Pres. Obama’s senior adviser. She also got a surprise phone call from a NFL hall of famer Brett Favre. “My favorite quarterback. How are you,” Van Susteren asked. “I’m doing great. Sounds like you’re doing great.”

“It felt so natural. It really is ‘same show different channel on your remote,'” Van Susteren told us after the show. Some of her staffers at Fox News have joined her at MSNBC.

“I love my new colleagues here at MSNBC and I always love you the viewers,” said Van Susteren closing out her first outing on MSNBC, making her that rare TV newser who has hosted shows on all three cable news networks.