In Jorge Ramos Interview, Ann Coulter Stuns Fusion Audience, Twice

By Mark Joyella 

Doing an interview with Fusion’s Jorge Ramos before a live studio audience? Consider this: you might want to avoid comparing Mexican immigrants (legal or otherwise) to members of ISIS, and if someone in the audience offers you a hug of friendship, perhaps don’t blow them off.

In an interview set to air on Fusion tonight at 10pmET, Ann Coulter, somehow, did both.

Coulter has argued that Americans should “fear immigrants” from Mexico “more than ISIS” and she did not back down: “I have a little tip. If you don’t want to be killed by ISIS, don’t go to Syria. If you don’t want to be killed by a Mexican, there’s nothing I can tell you.”

For several long seconds, Ramos and the studio audience sat in stunned silence. Coulter filled the quiet by doubling down. “Very easy to not be killed by ISIS. Don’t fly to Syria.”

When a member of the audience stood and revealed that she is an undocumented immigrant who has lived in the U.S. for more than two decades, she offered Coulter a hug “as a sign of my humanity.” Coulter immediately said no.