In Egypt, Female News Anchors Suspended, Told to Lose Weight

By Mark Joyella 

Eight news anchors in Egypt have been suspended and ordered to lose weight. All of the anchors are women.

“It is humiliating and even scandalous,” said one of the suspended anchors, Khadija Khattab, according to a report by Gulf News:

The decision was issued this week, giving the eight one month to go on a diet and get slim before they are allowed back on television screens, local media reported.

Some rights advocates have criticised the suspicion of the eight and many have raised eyebrows as to why only women were targeted.

The BBC reports The Egyptian Radio and Television Union told the anchors they can appear on air again with an “appropriate appearance.”

The move has been condemned by The Women’s Centre for Guidance and Legal Awareness, which said it “violates the constitution” and is a form of violence against women.