In 2012, Hispanic News Outlets Take the Spotlight

By Alex Weprin 

Univision's Jorge Ramos

B&C’s John Consoli writes about Spanish-language news outlets (subscription required), and notes that in this election year, the candidates are treating the Univisions and Telemundos of the world the same as they do many English-language networks.

The Hispanic news media clearly are not only playing a significant role in coverage of the primaries, they also have the respect of all the major candidates. The GOP hopefuls seem to be treating Hispanic media on par with their English-language networks, if not going out of their way to be sure they make their points to Hispanic voters.


Consoli also notes that each of the major Spanish-language news outlets also has a partner in an English-language outlet, be it CNN and CNN en Espanol, Telemundo and NBC, or Univision and ABC News. Even Fox News Latino–which exists only online and does not have its own TV outlet–is expanding, releasing its first ever poll yesterday.

The partnerships have been beneficial:

Hudson says this is the first time in national political elections that CNN en Espanol has been cobranded with CNN and shared in coverage. “It’s the first time that the network has been perceived to be a major asset to English-language CNN,” she says. “We launched our primary coverage last July. Since then we have been doing tagteam coverage with CNN. We cosponsor the debates with CNN and we carry all of them live, translating them into Spanish. And our political analyst, Marisa Cardona, also appears on CNN.”

Telemundo’s Falcon says her network’s partnership with NBC News “is extremely important to us, a very valuable asset.” She adds that Telemundo plans to cover every Republican caucus and primary going forward, offering coverage across all of its platforms. She says while extra emphasis will be on covering states with large Hispanic populations, all primaries will be covered. Falcon also says Telemundo will expand Enfoque from a half-hour to an hour in the near future.