“Imus’s Ranch for Children Draws Scrutiny”

By Brian 

“A ranch for sick children founded by Don Imus has helped shine a spotlight on the radio host’s softer side. But the spotlight is shining brighter now as regulators scrutinize the charity, highlighting the blurred lines that can emerge when the wealthy combine personal interests with public charity work,” the Wall Street Journal reports on page on today (subreq).
The paper says Imus’s charity spent $2.6 million in 2003 and $2.7 million in 2002 to bring 100 children to the ranch each year. That works out to just under $3,000 per night per child, which the paper reports is far more than spent by other charities.

> “On his radio show Thursday, Imus attacked the story as a hatchet job,” CNN.com reports. “Why don’t you do a survey about other foundations this size and see what they pay their chief executives? Most charities spend 50 cents to raise a dollar,” he said.

> Eliot Spitzer has been “examining the business practices” of the charity, the New York Times says.