Imus Slur: The Mood In Secaucus

By Brian 

An MSNBC tipster tells TVNewser: “Just about everybody who works at MSNBC hates the fact he is there and only like the days he has live concerts on his show. The AM dayside team used to be located right next to his set, but he harassed them so much with his loud music during commericals and some sexual comments that the team was moved out of the studio.”

Check out this excerpt from Suburbarazzi:

 “For years, the going wisdom at NBC and CBS radio was ‘just let Imus be.’ I worked for a while at MSNBC when Imus was making the move to the studio in Secaucus. The joke around the office at the time was — if you were young and female, and didn’t want to be verbally harassed, stay away from him. Even the head of the network, Rick Kaplan (who’s since gone on to produce the CBS Evening News with Katie Couric), joked in an all-staff meeting to stay away from Imus, since he couldn’t be controlled. But, ‘that’s Imus,’ he added.