Imus Slur: Sharpton Still Wants Him Fired

By Brian 

> Update: 4:38pm: “Note who in the background is at the Imus/Sharpton show: WFAN exec
Mark Chernoff and NBC’s Phil Griffin,” a tipster says…

Don Imus took a seat on the other side of the microphone Monday, appearing on the Rev. Al Sharpton’s radio show,” says.

WNBC has details: “Sharpton began his show by saying Imus’ comments were ‘racist’ and ‘diabolocal.'” He said he still believes that Imus should be fired.

“Addressing Imus’ argument that his intention wasn’t to be racially insensitive, Sharpton said he believed the more important issue was regulating hateful speech on the nation’s airwaves. ‘(A person) could be fired, and you’re the nicest guy in the world, but you (still) deserve to be fired,’ Sharpton said…”