Imus Slur: “I Believe Many Here” At NBC “Will Do The Right Thing” –Ron Allen

By Brian 

NBC News correspondent Ron Allen thinks Don Imus‘ apology is sincere.

“But I still can’t forget those words: ‘nappy headed hos,’ and then more banter about ‘jigaboos and wannabes,'” he blogs on “Where did that come from? How could Imus — and don’t forget his producer — feel comfortable enough to think that’s funny? How could they not anticipate a firestorm? When people speak that way publicly, it makes you wonder’s what’s said, and felt, in private?”

Allen — again, remember, he works for NBC News — says “something more has to happen, and is happening. I think some of the media companies trying to keep their distance now realize they remain tainted. I believe many here where I work will do the right thing. It is being taken extremely seriously.

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