Imus Fired: “We Had To Give It A Fair Hearing… We Had To Listen To People”

By Brian 

Sunday on Dateline, Dennis Murphy had “the inside story” of the Imus firestorm. Here’s the transcript.

Murphy said senior VP Phil Griffin “was made point man” during the crisis. Griffin was the one to tell Imus that MSNBC was pulling the plug:

  GRIFFIN: I told him that we were gonna pull the plug and although Don laughed and he said, ‘you know this is hard to take.’ He said ‘I understand. I said the words. We wouldn’t be here if I hadn’t said those words.’

MURPHY: Why did it percolate for so many days?

GRIFFIN: ‘Cause we had to give it a fair hearing. I mean it was difficult. We had to listen to people and we did.

Here is the full segment…