Impressions Of “Glenn Beck:” Jeers

By Brian 

> “As a CNNer, I must say the first episode of ‘Glenn Beck’ was simply moronic. I couldn’t even finish watching it. Who knows-there may have been something good toward the end, but I turned it off after the part where he had the hamburger hanging half out of his mouth. I originally thought Nancy Grace was rock bottom. I was wrong. I predict this show will be a huge hit with his radio listeners and other dim witted folks from red states everywhere.”

> “Glenn Beck is to irreverence what Anderson Cooper is to hard news. Neither one can pull it off and both come off looking like an Saturday Night Live skit gone bad. The show was a disaster.”

> “Glenn Beck is a more polished Michael Savage and we all saw how that turned out. Is the short term gain really worth it for headline news. Beck is destined for perrienal worst person in the world status.”

> “As a regular listener to Glenn Beck’s radio show, I think he needs to tone it down a little for the next episode. TV is a very different medium than radio. That’s why so many radio hosts have failed at TV. I think he just tried too hard tonight.”

> “Glenn Beck — Who is this guy, and why do I care what he thinks? And his attempts at humor — really awkward and uncomfortable. Eric Hill was great, as always.”

> “I like Glenn Beck, I used to listen to his radio show all the time. But his TV show kind of reminded me the sick love child of the Situation w/ Tucker Carlson Show and Connie and Maury. Parts were kind of funny, others were a pain to watch. I will have to watch for the rest of the week and see if they can pull this off.”

> “Glenn Beck may not be the right for HLN viewers, but if the TV show turns out anything like radio, he’s going to break new ground and it’s going to be hilarious. Maybe he brings over a new kind of viewer (younger?) and cable news could definitely use some of those…”

> “Glenn Beck is trying to be the new Jon Stewart. But why does it have to be on a CNN channel?”

> “Beck is hysterically funny. The problem is that isn’t what the show or HLN was aiming for.”

> “Glenn Beck’s show is good… but not for CNN Headline News. He was stuffing his face when he had a guest on about dangers of children over-eating. If i was that guest I would have walked off.”