‘I’m Very Proud to Work at ABC’

By Alissa Krinsky 

ABC's Brian Ross in Chicago on Tuesday

ABC’s Brian Ross in Chicago on Tuesday (Photo: Alissa Krinsky)

Don’t tell ABC’s Chief Investigative Correspondent Brian Ross that TV news has lost its place in the digital revolution.

“We’re far from out of business,” Ross told TVNewser Tuesday while covering the Dennis Hastert arraignment in Chicago. “We don’t feel like we’re going under at all.  In fact, we feel like we’re really hitting our stride.  Our best days are ahead of us we think.”

“I’m very proud to work at ABC,” says Ross, 66, who’s been with the network for two decades. He dismisses criticism ABC News has moved away from covering hard news saying he and his investigative team are “certainly part of the mix in a significant way.  [ABC News] count[s] on us, they rely on us, and they want us to do the kind of work that we do.  We haven’t changed what we do at all.”

This was a homecoming of sorts for Ross who grew up in the suburbs north of Chicago. The veteran news man remains passionate about the job after 40 years in network news. And he says he’s “good for another 20 years, I think!”

“Every day is an exciting day for me.”