Iger: “We’re Not Interested in Farming Out”

By SteveK 

It took just two questions this morning for the New Yorker’s Ken Auletta to ask Disney president and CEO Bob Iger to comment on the New York Times story about the CBS/CNN talks.

“We have had ample opportunity to do deals with CNN, including the one I read about. For a variety of reasons we have opted not to do it,” said Iger at Syracuse University’s Newhouse School in New York breakfast at the Plaza Hotel. “A deal we’d be looking for is a partnership. We’re not interested in farming out, or outsourcing, to use your word, our news department.”

The story is being shot down now as “overblown rumors”.

The breakfast Q&A also included a discussion of how ABC and Disney have adjusted to new technology. “The need for more mature media business’ to adapt is critical now,” said Iger. “Whether you’re telling a story about the war in Iraq or fish under the sea, we use technology to make the story better and reach more people.”

In attendance at the breakfast were ABC Television president Anne Sweeney, ABC News president David Westin and former CBS president and current Sony CEO Sir Howard Stringer (pictured with Iger). Also at the event was Iger’s wife, former ABC, CNN and NBC correspondent and anchor, Willow Bay.