If Untrained Workers Sprayed Insecticide At FNC, This Attorney Wants To Know

By Brian 

If you’re a Fox News Channel employee who has witnessed the misapplication of pesticides, the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation wants to hear from you.

“I would like to suggest that any FNC employees who have witnessed the spraying of insecticides in the FNC facilities and would like to make a confidential statement should call…the New York State Department Of Environmental Conservation,” a tipster told TVNewser last week, after Roger Ailes addressed concerns about the spraying of diazinon last March. A Fox News lawyer said there was one episode of spraying by an unlicensed employee, and that it has “all been cleared up.”

But apparently some employees believe the spraying of diazinon by untrained maintainence people was more than a one-time event.

Concerned employees can file a complaint with Lou Oliva, a regional attorney for NYSDEC, by calling 718-482-4961. When I called Oliva a few days ago, he was aware of the Fox case. “We’ve had one or two complaints…but we haven’t gotten anybody who has actually seen someone misapply the pesticide,” he said.

“We’ve met with Fox already,” Oliva continued, and the network reaffirmed that said it was a one-time incident. “The kind of rumors we hear from other people is that it’s an ongoing thing. But we need the people that have seen it to talk to us.”

NYSDEC’s policy “is that any information including your identity will be held in the strictest confidence of course,” the tipster said…

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