If It’s Sunday, It’s … Scott Pelley

By Chris Ariens 

Tonight, for the second Sunday in a row, a vice presidential nominee will be featured on 60 Minutes as Scott Pelley sits down with Tim Kaine along with Hillary Clinton: the 2016 Democratic ticket. Pelley also anchored the CBS Weekend news from Philadelphia’s Wells Fargo Center this evening. Also anchoring in Philadelphia tonight, ABC’s David Muir and NBC’s Lester Holt.

The back-to-back nominee interviews–Lesley Stahl interviewed Donald Trump and Mike Pence for last Sunday’s show–is just the start of 60 Minutes’ coverage of presidential politics for its upcoming 49th season.

“We’ll have major interviews with the presidential candidates,” Pelley tells TVNewser. “Jeff Fager the executive producer of 60 Minutes always likes to, during an election year, start the season with two stories in the broadcast, the Republican candidate and the Democratic candidate.”

Pelley also just returned from South Sudan for an upcoming 60 Minutes story. “The World Food Programme is desperately trying to stop a famine among 4 million people. There’s enormous effort to airdrop food to these remote people who’ve been cut off by weather and by war from their food source. Because most of the money from the World Food Programme comes from taxpayers of the U.S., I think people will be interested.”