If Hillary Doesn’t Win Iowa, This Political Reporter Will Sing an Apology

By Chris Ariens 

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Al Jazeera America political correspondent Michael Shure is so sure Hillary Clinton will win the Democratic Caucus in Iowa, that if she doesn’t–and by double digits–he’ll sing an apology on air.

Last night on AJAM, anchor David Shuster asked Shure, if he’s so confident would he like to make a wager to back his prediction.

“I think Hillary Clinton is actually going to do very well in Iowa and if we’re going to have to make one of these bold predictions, I’m going to say she’ll win Iowa by double digits.”

“Double digits?” asked Shuster, “Are you willing to back that up with insurance of public humiliation, you come on and sing an apology to David Shuster?”

“I guess I’ll do it,” Shure said. Stay tuned. But because AJAM is going off the air in a couple months, you may have to tune in for any apology on YouTube.