‘I Work at Fox News and Live in NYC…The Perception of Me Is Evil’

By Mark Joyella 

In his first appearance on Comedy Central’s The Daily Show, Fox News host Greg Gutfeld insisted he wasn’t a “bad guy,” though he’s sometimes perceived that way. “I work at Fox News and I live in New York City, so the perception of me is evil.”

“I am a fool. I play a fool,” Gutfeld explained to Daily Show host Trevor Noah. “I was never in politics. So whenever anybody says something I find false I tend to make fun of them, that’s kind of what I do for a living.”

Asked about Donald Trump, Gutfeld compared the Republican frontrunner to “a classic rock band with four good hits. So he is going around the country and when he sees that the crowd is getting bored, his Free Bird is Build a Wall…or, when he says Ban all Muslims- that’s his Stairway to Heaven.”