“I Still Miss Him Very Much”

By Brian 

Next to Jon Klein‘s rebuttal on TV Week’s letters page are three notes from former viewers who desperately miss Aaron Brown.

Bernadette Freedman in Philadelphia says: “I sent Klein and his boss a lot of furious e-mails during the dual-host debacle last October, but of course, I’m too old for my opinion to count anymore.”

Joan Marconi in Phillipsburg, N.J. writes: “Even though it has been over two months since the ridiculous, disastrous decision was handed down, I still miss him very much.”

And Bob Meyers in Seattle, Wash. concludes: “I’m a Generation X-er, and I always appreciated Aaron Brown’s centrist approach on NewsNight. For the life of me, I don’t understand why CNN let him go-let alone replaced him with two hours of Anderson Cooper. Maybe they’re just trying to funnel viewers over to Nancy Grace’s show on Headline News. That’s what my wife and I now watch.”