‘I Love Washington, I Just Don’t Want to go to Dinner With it’

By Chris Ariens 

“Fox & Friends” weekend anchor Tucker Carlson hasn’t been to the White House Correspondents’ Association dinner since 2006. He’s usually off hunting or fishing in far flung places. He won’t be going tomorrow night either.

Why not?

“I love the coziness of Washington…I love the fact you can get real information here. I don’t like the dinner because it destroys all that. All of a sudden it’s people you know really well putting on airs and it’s just embarrassing.”


Carlson explains more in this interview that didn’t make Patrick Gavin‘s insider look at the WHCA weekend, Nerd Prom. If you’re going to the dinner, or not going to the dinner, or watching it on C-SPAN, or going hunting or fishing, instead, watch Gavin’s film first. Go here to watch.