Hurricane Sandy Coverage Plans

By Alex Weprin 

TV news organizations are gearing up for covering Sandy. There is still lots of uncertainty  but here is what we know so far. We will update this story as we get more information.


The Weather Channel not surprisingly, has a slew of coverage planned. “Wake Up With Al” will air this weekend starting at 5:30 AM, and 5 AM starting next week.

Saturday: Stephanie Abrams and Al Roker in the Rehoboth, Delaware Area, Julie Martin in the Outer Banks, Jim Cantore in New York City, Mike Seidel in New Jersey Reynolds Wolf in either New York City or on the Long Island. Sunday: Eric Fisher in a TBD location

On CNN, Chad Myers and Rob Marciano are tracking the storm from the studio, with Marciano eventually going into the field. The network will have correspondents in North Carolina, Washington DC, Maryland and New York, among other places. The correspondents are: Marciano, Sanjay Gupta, Carol Costello, Michael Holmes, Mike Galanos (HLN), Alison Kosik, Deb Feyerick, David Mattlingly, Athena Jones, Sandra Endo and George Howell.

Fox News has Janice Dean and Chief meteorologist Rick Reichmuth tracking the storm in the studio, and will be sending four or five correspondents in the field, spread throughout the eastern seaboard. Right now the confirmed correspondents are: FNC’s National correspondent Phil Keating, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, FNC reporter Elizabeth Prann, Outer banks North Carolina, FNC reporter Doug McKelway will be on the Delaware/Maryland Shore, FNC’s co-host of FOX and Friends First Anna Kooiman covering the New York/New Jersey area.


ABC will have Sam Champion tracking the storm in Miami, with Ginger Zee also in Florida, Linsey Davis in New jersey and Matt Gutman in the Outer Banks.

CBS News will have a team of correspondents along the Eastern Seaboard in preparation for Hurricane Sandy. CBS News Correspondents Chip Reid will report from Ocean City, Md.; Elaine Quijano will report on conditions along the Jersey Shore; Seth Doane will be stationed in Massachusetts; and Anna Werner and CBS News Transportation Correspondent Mark Strassmann will broadcast from Virginia. CBS News Hurricane Consultant David Bernard will track the storm.