Hurricane Dennis: Notes #5

By Brian 

> “As the situation along the Gulf Coast worsened, the broadcast nets broke into regular programming to provide updates,” Digital Spy says, with screen grabs to boot…

> MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough is anchoring in Atlanta, Georgia. “We evacuated yesterday” from his hometown of Pensacola, he told viewers. “This was a devastating storm, but absolutely nothing, absolutely nothing compared to Hurricane Ivan…”

> MSNBC correspondent Lisa Daniels is at the Pensacola Ramada along with Anderson Cooper. The cameraman captured excellent video of the Ramada sign falling apart. This was Daniels’ first hurricane…

> 6:13pm: “I’m not your mother, but I don’t like watching you walk that far out” on the beach in Panama City, CNN’s Jacqui Jeras told Chad Myers. Myers said the rule in TV is to “never turn your back on the camera, but the biggest rule [is] never turn your back on mother nature.”

> Instapundit labels this “hurricane hype:” “I’m watching some woman from Fox trying to make a big deal out of 30 mph winds on Lake Pontchartrain. Jeez.”