Hurricane Dennis: Notes #3

By Brian 

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> > 4:47pm: “I have to commend CNN for their live shots,” a resident of Fort Walton Beach said at the end of an interview with Kyra Phillips. “Those live shots and live interviews show just what it is going on, and it’s very comforting to know what’s going on.”

The O’Brien’s were expected to sign off at 2pm, after eight hours at CNN’s anchor desk. But as of 2:45pm, they’re keep going and going…

> 2:43pm: “The eye of Dennis is just about an hour and a half from making landfall,” FNC’s Gregg Jarrett said, as the chyron reported: “Dennis is approx. 50 minutes from the coast.” Jarrett corrected himself 30 seconds later. FNC is counting down…

> 1:45pm: Will CNN ever remove the “American Morning” tag from the corner of the screen?

> MSNBC is using Alabama traffic cameras to show the scene.