Hurricane Dennis: Notes #2

By Brian 

> At 1:30pm, Rick Sanchez said: “If there’s one storm that this is starting to become more comparable to, it’s Hurricane Andrew.” Suddenly, the tone changed on CNN. It felt somber. Meteorologist Rob Marciano sounded truly frightened about what is about to happen.

> Schedule update: Fox News is live from 6am Sunday to 3am Monday. The network is preempting its 4pm business block and 5pm ‘Fox News Sunday’ repeat. FNC will air a two-hour edition of ‘At Large with Geraldo Rivera’ until midnight. And on Monday morning, Fox & Friends will begin an hour earlier than usual, at 5am.

> While reporting via videophone from Panama City Beach, FNC’s Jeff Goldblatt started coughing when rain went down his throat. “It’s tough to breathe, actually, because as you saw there, it sort of went down my throat…So one thing you should not do during a hurricane is go outside, open your mouth anad talk too much,” he joked…

> Some of the most informative reports have come from CNN’s Chad Myers in Panama City Beach. At 1:15pm, Myers ran from (what was left of) the beach to the patio as the water surged toward shore.

> FNC chyron, 12:22pm: “Hurricane Dennis meets the coast of Pensacola, Florida.”

> An e-mailer says: “Janice Dean likes to refer to this hurricane as ‘historical!'”