Hume Would Have Tapped Gibson For WNT

By Brian has a very interesting Q&A with FNC anchor Brit Hume: I know you have a job during the evening news hours, but I was wondering, as an alum of World News Tonight, if you’ve seen the new broadcast and what you think of it.

Hume: I’ve just seen glimpses of it, and it didn’t seem terribly compelling. But they’re just getting started, so it’s too early to tell. Experience in an anchor is something that viewers value. It gives them the sense that the person they are watching knows what’s really important and can be trusted to handle major news. I think the people ABC has tapped for its anchor team [Elizabeth Vargas and Bob Woodruff] are attractive people, and perhaps very talented people, but they seem by relative standards inexperienced. Are you surprised they didn’t go with Charlie Gibson?

Hume: I would have gone with Charlie in a heartbeat.

Here’s the full interview…