Hume Unplugged, in Print and on Radio

By SteveK 

Fox News’ primary election coverage anchor Brit Hume has popped up in a few different places in the lead-up to Tuesday’s key primary night. David Barron profiles Hume in the Houston Chronicle, and the anchor opens up about the historic 2008 presidential election.

He also gave his overriding hope for Tuesday night. “It would be nice if we have a close race throughout the night,” Hume said. “I don’t think this is quite over with yet. (Sen. Hillary Clinton) could possibly win in Texas and Ohio. If she does, we’ll have a whole new story line.”

This Morning, Hume showed up on Don Imus‘ radio show, where he revealed his prediction for the Democratic nomination, and jokingly discussed a year-old affair rumor.

Hume handicapped the Democratic race for the presidency (he sees Sen. Barack Obama the more likely nominee) and discussed the Fair and Balanced-ness of Fox News, compared to other networks.

He also diffused a potentially awkward line of questioning by Imus, when the host brought up the Megyn Kelly affair rumors from over a year ago (Johnny Dollar has the full audio, with the Kelly question coming at the end of the interview).

“When these rumors on the internet started circulating about you and Megyn Kelly, how’d that go over at home?” asked Imus.

“Well, it wasn’t true. Although I was a little reluctant to damp them down because I thought it made me look pretty good,” joked Hume.