Huge on YouTube, Doesn’t make you huge on BoobTube

By Chris Ariens 

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She’s a star on YouTube, she’s been trending on Twitter for almost two weeks, but for the first time that we can remember an Internet sensation has not been sucked into the vortex of cable news.

An unusually busy few weeks of international news has kept 13-year-old Rebecca Black and her viral pop song “Friday” virtually off the cablers. A quick TVEyes search showed no returns for “Rebecca Black” on either CNN or MSNBC for the last two weeks. The only mentions on Fox News have been on “Red Eye,” where the song — as in many other places — has been the subject of ridicule: “She’s turned ‘Friday’ into a pay day while the rest of us throw up,” said host Greg Gutfeld Wednesday morning.

The video went up on YouTube March 10, starting getting traction that weekend, then really took off when @RyanSeacrest, who is, after all, the 5th most influential Twitterer in all the world, wrote about it.

On Monday, March 14, he wrote:

If ur wondering why Rebecca Black has been trending for 24 hrs, this is the video u need to see:

Black has not been completely left off TV. She was featured on GMA last Friday, on the fourth hour of “Today” on Monday, went on “The Tonight Show” Tuesday, and was spoofed by Conan O’Brien.

Thank God it’s Friday. Now let’s never speak of this again. The original video, which has been viewed more than 47 million times, is after the jump…