Howard Kurtz’s Roger Ailes Interview: The Outtakes

By Alex Weprin 

The Daily Beast’s Howard Kurtz posts some nuggets that he couldn’t quite squeeze into his latest interview with Fox News CEO Roger Ailes. There is no overarching narrative here, just a number of unrelated anecdotes from Ailes and FNC talent.

Some of the highlights:

Bill O’Reilly on putting together his show: “I’m not real interested in policy on this program any more. We used to do that, but it just didn’t resonate. Policy is very complicated, and TV just doesn’t have the time.”

Megyn Kelly on the reaction of her mother, a lifelong Democrat, when she joined Fox: “My mom believed the same things about Fox that many of our non-viewers do: ‘Isn’t that a right-leaning network?’”

Kelly on the e-mail she gets when she grills a conservative guest: “I always knew you were a lefty. Go work for MSNBC!”

Plenty more from Kurtz here.