How the Nets Covered Clinton — After Edwards

By SteveK 

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The John Edwards endorsement of Sen. Barack Obama occurred just as the evening news broadcasts went live on the east coast on Wednesday. TVNewser reported how the broadcast networks handled the coverage.

The Huffington Post’s Danny Shea has the other story from Wednesday night — how the network’s handled their pre-taped interviews with Sen. Hillary Clinton, in the context of some major new information in the race.

ABC, the only network to take live video from the Edwards announcement during the east coast feed of the broadcast, was also the only network to completely bump their Clinton interview from the broadcast (only for the east coast). A portion aired in the later broadcasts.

Meanwhile, Brian Williams told MSNBC how NBC had the first third interview Wednesday afternoon with Clinton, with ABC and CBS following shortly after before. “In between the Senator was checking her Blackberry. And I’m not trying to engage in any dime-store psychology, or go between the facts, but it was as if she was learning things between interviews,” he said.