How Much Would You Pay to Watch Fox News?

By Chris Ariens 

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In addition to an interview with Fox News chairman Roger Ailes looking back at the network’s 15 years, AdWeek also features a story on the next 15 years… and beyond. As Fox News enters cable carriage negotiations — how much the channel should receive per subscriber — FNC’s value to News Corp. has never been greater. From D.M Levine:

As Fox enters negotiations, its executives are keenly aware of the power they now wield. “People may love CNN,” says the source who’s worked at Fox and its competitors. “But if a cable provider dropped CNN … how many people would actually stop subscribing to cable? Maybe some. If you dropped Fox News, a third of your subscribers [would leave].”

Fox News, which reportedly earns $1 per subscriber, may be looking for ESPN-like numbers of $4 per subscriber, according to AdWeek.