How Much Would You Pay for Freddy Adu to Tweet on Your Behalf?

By Noah Davis 

Sure, we’ll do another one about Twitter.

The Awl puts together a wonderful list of how much various “celebrities” charge per sponsored tweets. A few athletes of note make an appearance.

American soccer starlet Freddy Adu leads the group with a simple “call.” Translation: “Too much.” Adu 385,486 followers, but there have to be some better deals on the list, right?

Well, glad you asked.Adu’s American soccer counterpart Maurice Edu commands $1,764.75 per tweet to his 376,993 followers. Nick Mangold and Merril Hodge ask the same amount but send their messages to just 39,092 and 16,175 followers, receptively.

We wouldn’t pay $2,941.25 to have Ndamukong Suh send a tweet to his 40,914 followers when Khloe Kardashian charges the same figure for her audience of two million-plus.

The bargain of the list: Apolo Anton Ohno, who wants just $235.36 for his 208,519. The man has a book to sell.