Gretchen Carlson’s Son Definitely Has a Future in Sports Reporting

By Chris Ariens 

Gretchen Carlson is now the reigning TVNewser Bracket Challenge champ. And she has her 10-year-old son Christian to thank for it. Young Christian got out of music class at school today and called into his mom’s show to discuss his bracketology, and impressed everyone with his knowledge of the teams, the players, their seasons and the eloquence with which he delivered it all.

“Have you ever thought about going into sports reporting?” Carlson asked her son. He paused, then said, “maybe.” It turns out Christian gets his broadcasting chops from mom, and his sports authority from dad, Casey Close, a former minor league baseball player-turned sports agent. Derek Jeter was a longtime client.

Carlson reminded her son that while the TVNewser Bracket Challenge doesn’t come with a cash prize, it does come with some notoriety. He also now knows the definition of notoriety. “It means like bragging rights,” he said.

Carlson was on Brian Kilmeade‘s radio show this morning and explained how the picks came to be… thanks to Christian.