How Cavuto Deals With MS

By Brian 

Did you know “doctors marvel” at Neil Cavuto‘s MRI scans “because they indicate a man unable to walk or talk?”

Cavuto “accepts — and defies — his multiple sclerosis,” this WebMD story states. Here’s an excerpt:

  “…The Fox News anchor is remarkably fit, exercising on a stationary bike and treadmill to stave off muscle atrophy of the legs, a common problem in MS patients. Cavuto, 48, has the secondary progressive form of the disease, meaning it steadily worsens over time.

He has fatigue, headaches, trouble walking, some vision loss, and — occasionally — hoarseness. ‘Having difficulty talking isn’t good in my profession, but my wife welcomes it,’ jokes the anchor, who memorizes scripts for his program, Your World With Neil Cavuto, in case he can’t read the teleprompter during taping.”