How An Anonymous Tip Becomes “Gossip”

By Brian 

I’m hesitant to even link to this item, lest I give it more credibility. But I think it’s helpful to see how random, unsourced, anonymous tips can be taken seriously. This is a message I received via the anonymous tip box yesterday afternoon:

 Lots of closed door meetings at MSNBC regarding Alison Stewart’s “The Most” likely being the next show to be cancelled. Tucker Carlson’s staff has been cut down to just a few in advance of that show’s February cancellation, Rita Cosby soon out the door, AND many more layoffs to come – Dan Abrams sends out a cheerleader email to beleaguered employees – maybe that hairpiece of his is cutting oxygen off to his brain. 

Now read this Jossip item. Does anything seem similar?

  …An insider tattles to us that there have been “lots of closed door meetings” regarding newlywed Alison Stewart’s 3pm show The Most, which debuted in May. Obviously execs don’t appreciate its worldly mix of news and entertainment: We’re told to expect to see it cut next.

Meanwhile, a timeline is arising for the futures of Rita Cosby and Tucker Carlson. We already told you that Rita – who lost her own primetime show Live & Direct – was getting the ax. Her exit from the building, we hear, is imminent. And as for Carlson, whose Tucker has been hanging in there with a downsized staff? A February cancelation announcement is scheduled, says our source.


The item even ends with a reference to the staff memo (posted yesterday). The “insider,” who didn’t even send the message from an NBC domain, couldn’t have written the Jossip item better himself. He’s the only one laughing here…